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About Dinngo

This is our mission to create the best payment
sharing experiences.

Dinngo started in a social situation.

2 years ago, a new friend joined my TGIF dinner with my buddy. He was a nice guy to chat with, charming, easy-going and everyone liked him a lot. But by the time we were leaving for an afterparty, he puked all over the table, and even on one of my friend.

Everyone suddenly said they needed to leave earlier, and it turned out that I am the one took care of the bill. I needed to figure out everyone’s order, how much to tips, and dealing with my new drunk friend. It was a disaster.

Although this was a unpleasent experience, it got me thinking a better way to share bills, which is, an app that allows me to take photo to know everyone’s order, calculate tips and tax automatically, and most importantly, keep track of the payment process. And bingo, I have Dinngo.

By Teddy, the founder.

Meet the Team

Teddy Chu

Founder CEO

Teddy is familiar with the working logic of developing products through sufficient market research.

Joe Wang

Backend developer

Joe is a senior backend developer with a background in mathematics and statistics.

Wayne Tai

iOS developer

Wayne is a senior IOS developer with an op timistic mindset to take on any challenge.

Hawaii Ho

Android developer

Hawaii has strong logic to analysis problem, extensive coding capability to implement function, and resolve issues.

Blake Ho

Product manager

Blake is a experienced product manager with the ambitious to make the world/ financial services more efficient than ever.

Szu Chen

Product designer

Szu is a designer with a background in Illustration. She is passionate turning user’s needs into design decisions.

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