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One photo to share a bill to all of your friends.

Just enter bill total, and Dinngo takes care of the rest.

One photo to track your transactions.

Quickly see who still owes you.

Capture all of your awesome memories with your friends.

Let's make others jealous.

The safety of your data is our first priority.

  • All data is secured with SSL encryption.
  • Real-time alerts to prevent unauthorized activity.

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Was telling a friend the other day how this needed
to be made. Surprised Venmo hasn't come up with
something like this yet. Will make going out to dinner
with my buddies at school much easier.

Splitting the bill is the biggest headache we all
have when we’re out with a large party. That’s where
Dinngo steps in. The app socializes paying and it’s as
easy as snapping a pic and tagging everyone. After each
person calculates how much they need to pay, just upload
of group photo and tag the dollar amount each person owes.

I’ve wanted this app for many many years. It’s a
problem all of us have faced. And it’s not just in
restaurants. I’ve shared hotel rooms, cabs and party
supplies with groups of people, and it’s hard to
manage. No one ever has the right change.

A social, simple way
to share your bills!

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