The Mobile Digital Currency Exchange

The first exchange to enable simple two-step verification with the mobile device and cold wallet.


DINNGO is revolutionizing the way we trade digital currencies. Our cold wallet integrates seamlessly with the DINNGO exchange, providing the secure, fast and convenient asset trading service the market needs.


2 Mins To Understand Dinngo

Dinngo Cold Wallet

DINNGO implements an in-depth integration with our cold wallet service which not only secures digital currencies but also strengthens the efficiency of the exchange.

  • Users hold their own private keys and digital currencies without any intervene from exchanges.
  • Two-phase verification, with DINNGO mobile application and cold wallet.
  • AES256 encrypted bluetooth connection between DINNGO mobile application and DINNGO cold wallet.

Cross-Chain Trading

DINNGO will support trading tokens between different protocols. This is the key limitation for a decentralized exchange and DINNGO is aiming at a breakthrough.

  • Support BTC/ETH in Q3 2019.
  • Support NEO, GAS, NEP-5 in Q4 2019.
  • Support QRC-20 in Q1 2020, and more!

Smart Matching Engine

DINNGO will use its own smart transaction matching engine, actively assisting users in the off-chain smart pairing.

  • Fair. First-in-first-match base
  • Transparent. Updates disclosed on the open order book
  • Efficient. Lower operational and time costs


You can freely combine and match the information you want to present on your screen, avoiding unnecessary interference and highlight what you really need.

Protection from hacking

On a decentralized platform, all user accounts are independent and self-secure. And DINNGO further leverages cold wallet service to enhance the security.

cost effective

Off-chain matching mechanism prevents unnecessary gas wastes on-chain. DINNGO sends only matched orders on-chain to minimize time and gas costs.

No more middle men

Enable you to save your own digital currencies under your own control, no more centralized intermediate to hold your fund or handle deals under the table.


DINNGO puts compliance as the ground of the platform, not only to actively comply with regulators but also behave with strict self-discipline.


Frontline support center covers comprehensive questions, artificial intelligent chatbots to analyze problems, and dedicated supporting team is always ready.

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Token Allocation

  • Token Price1 ETH = 2125 DGO
  • Total Supply200,000,000 DGO
  • Private Sale08.16 2018 - 09.15.2018
  • Private Sale Amount50,000,000 DGO
  • Public Sale Amount50,000,000 DGO

Join our ecosystem

DGO token is an utility token which supports the DINNGO ecosystem. Holders will not only enjoy a 50% discount on transaction fees, but receive premium trading functions with DGO, and access to numerous Airdrop campaigns.


Core team & Advisors

Hsuan-Ting Chu

Chief Executive Officer

Founder & CEO, a serial entrepreneur who built multiple VC funded business. Founder of Jessyfrup, extensive experience in US financial market.

Blake Ho

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer, finance major with banking and operating expertise. Years of experience in Citi bank focusing on banking and marketing.

Ben Huang

Chief Blockchain Officer

Chief Blockchain Officer, engaged in research and
development in blockchain technology since 2014. The core blockchain developer of Gcoin and DiQi.

Johnny Chuang

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer, ex-Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group. Columbia University Master
with M&A and Japanese Market expertise.

Albert Lin

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer, National Chiao Tung University CS Master. The ex-backend software engineer in Promise Technology.

Star Fan

Marketing Associate

Marketing Associate, the former manager in Shangri-La hotel with extensive experience in upscale customer service and sales.

Travis Liu

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer, AWS expert.

Neil Wong

Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer Lead, Columbia University EE Master, ex-entrepreneur, SuperMicro,

ML Chen

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer, serial entrepreneur, AWS experts

Laticia Fan

Head of Public Relation

Head of Public Relation, ex-DMG Director of New Media

Jack Liang

Senior Software Engineer

Quality Engineer at Apple, University of Tokyo ME Master.

Alice Wu


Years of experience in branding and software UI/UX. Believe that design is to solve real problems but not just to make things beautiful.

YK Chu


Managing Director of WI Harper Group, over 20 years experience in investment
and technology fields.

Joseph Fan


Venture Partner with WI Harper. The Vice Chairman & CEO of Kbro Company Ltd. Specialize in telecommunications, media, and technology industries.

Tim Hsu


Founder of Hacks In Taiwan Conference, HITCON. The security consultant of several exchanges with cybersecurity expertise.

Anthony Staten


Financial Services Executive and ex-PwC and Accenture Consulting Manager.

Scofield Yeh


CTO and cofounder of MagV with solid banking system experience and practice

Ronald Yu


CEO of Autopass, serial entrepreneur in Fintech industry.


the plan of DINNGO platform
2018 Q4

Launch Exchange Beta, including website and mobile application;
Run Bug Bounty Campaign;
Delivery the first shipment of DINNGO cold wallets
Keep the first response of customer support standard to be within 1 day

2019 Q1

Launch Exchange Official, supporting ERC-20 transaction
Support English and Chinese
Reach Single Day Transaction Volume of $ 2,000,000

2019 Q2

Open SDK to other wallet providers;
Support Japanese and Korean

2019 Q3

Support BTC transactions;
Support advanced trading functions

2019 Q4

Support NEO, GAS, NEP-5 transactions;
Launch DINNGO Merchant Beta;
Reach Single Day Transaction Volume of $ 50,000,000

2020 Q1

Support QRC-20 transactions;
Launch DINNGO Merchant Official

Q & A

Here are the most frequent ask questions

What is hybrid exchange?

A hybrid exchange comprises a decentralized structure for the control of funds and a centralized database for smart matching transactions. Only when a deal is ready to process then the transaction get published on the blockchain. A user could enjoy both the benefit from both centralized and decentralized system at DINNGO, a hybrid exchange.

What is cold wallet?

A cold wallet stores your digital currency offline. More secure than saving your asset online, either on a hardware wallet or on an exchange wallet. Normally shall connect to your desktop with a USB with several steps which is not friendly for frequent traders. DINNGO cold wallet service would solve the problem, keep the security part, but makes the experience with cold wallet becomes simple and intuitive.

What is DGO token?

DGO token is a utility token supports the DINNGO ecosystem. Holders could not only enjoy the 50% discount of the trading fee but to join numerous airdrop campaigns, get the premium customer support and trading functions with DGO.

What timezone do you operate in?

We have offices in both Taipei and San Fransisco to cover your day and night.

I have more questions

Send us email anytime at, we are more than happy to answer your question.

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